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Allow everyone to laugh a little, relax, be a bit naughty…and let loose in a comfortable safe space held by an expert in Parties & Hosted Events. Party guests discreetly purchase and TAKE HOME their Pleasure Tools ON THE NIGHT of the party, or order products at any time by emailing a sales consultant.

The Pleasure Consultant can be entertaining or educational or a combination of both!  What style would you like?

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The Pleasure Consultant’s Sex Toy Party “hit the spot(s)”! Ana presented very professionally. Her fun and pleasure-positive attitude set a light, easy mood with everyone. An entertaining and informative evening.

The Pleasure Consultant was refreshing for our women who rarely have the opportunity to discuss their sexual wellbeing. She is confident and not shy to discuss sexuality, and this allowed women to freely share amongst themselves and have open and honest conversations. The presentation opened women to a world of undiscovered opportunity.

I went to a ladies weekend in Noccundra not expecting to find The Pleasure Consultant giving talks! At first I was a bit surprised but I found the presenter’s practical approach and discussion of some delicate subjects incredibly refreshing and I learnt heaps…stuff I hoped I would have known already at 45!! I feel I now have a deeper understanding of my body and how it works and I gained a bit of courage to explore my individual erotic expression with my husband.