I’m finally ready to launch my website, finally got to a place with design that I am happy with, after 3 different web developers!  I guess it gave me the time to formulate my ideas, talk to my peers and clarify my services and play with the product descriptions… and I believe that any solo operator business develops naturally out of the personal development of the person.

I present to you The Pleasure Consultant. I hereby explain this term.

Actually, there is no definition, I made it up.

I love working with people to help open their minds, connect deeply with their bodies and enhance their creative and sexual lives. My practical no-nonsense approach to sex education empowers couples and individuals to experience a deeper, increasingly open, expression of their Divine sensuality and sexuality.

My main goal is to guide you to a deeper understanding of your unique body and your healthy exciting erotic world.

Through radical self-acceptance.

I wish that you explore, dare & enjoy more pleasure in your lives!