Couples Consultations

Couples Consultations help you to Explore, Dare and Enjoy!

Enhance your intimacy and vary your sex play

  • The Pleasure Consultant is an experienced sexuality and intimacy coach dedicated to helping  couples of all genders and sexualities to enrich their lives through a deeper understanding of their mental, emotional and erotic bodies.
  • In safe and heart-centred private consultations, she applies her training in Tantra, Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality, Taoist practices, BDSM exploration and shamanic ceremony, as well as her qualifications as a remedial masseuse and certified counsellor.
  • Using Counselling, Facilitation, Roleplay, Consent & Touch Education, the Pleasure Consultant helps people open their minds, connect with their bodies and enhance their creative and sexual lives.
  • The Pleasure Consultant conducts talk sessions discussing how to inject a fun, playful attitude into the bedroom (or wherever you choose)
  • Enjoy more pleasure and better communication, enhance all areas of your lives
  • Develop effective communication to integrate your emotional desires with your sexual needs
  • Personalized advice based on the individual and the couple dynamics

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Book a face-to-face consultation: 

  • Byron Bay NSW
  • Gold Coast QLD

Too busy to drive or can’t attend a session? Skype Me to arrange an appointment, 45 or 60 min consults available.

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