Aphrodisiac Massage Oil 200ml


A gorgeous romantic massage oil to get you going!

  • An organic luxurious massage oil from Isis Alchemy that excites your senses and gets you in the mood for love making & relaxing
  • A beautiful thick oil with a fantastic smooth moisturizing effect
  • The blend of essential oils gives a scent that is intoxicating and divine, customers say!
  • Ylang Ylang is a powerful invigorating and aphrodisiacal essence: in Indonesia ylang-ylang flowers are spread on the bed of newlywed couples. In the Philippines, its flowers are strung into a necklace and worn by women and used to adorn religious images
  • Rose Damask is sultry and sexy


Aphrodisiac Massage Oil 200ml:  I don’t like scented things normally but this essential oil combination of “warm-you-up” essences is EXCELLENT!  The essential oil mix has been carefully designed to get the blood flowing and get you horny…

It not only smells amazing, the texture of the oil is thick and luxurious and doesn’t end up feeling sticky and yucky on your skin. Body slides & massages are more amazing and sensual with this high quality oil designed to stimulate love making.


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