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Clover Nipple Clamps


Clover Nipple Clamps are the only clamps to use. Practical, sexy looking and a beautiful pressure.

With a gradual spring action, these clamps are the easiest system to learn nipple sensation play.

Medium strength sustained pressure to hold the blood out of the nipple, until you want it to come rushing back in!



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I chose Clover Nipple Clamps for my range because they have the best function. And that is what is most important with nipple play.

The textured rubber tips hang well onto the nipple and compress evenly without the fear of falling off unexpectedly.  There is no connected chain between the two clamps so there is more freedom of movement when using them. Easy to release to get that ~ oooohhh rush of blood back into the area!!


* Always position a nipple clamp hanging down from, clamped to the base of the nipple, not on the tip, and ensure there is a proper grab where it won’t pop off

* After a while, the nipple will become numb because the blood is restricted from flowing into the tip. This is OK but when you want to feel them again, remove clamps neatly and swiftly, and enjoy the amazing sensation of the blood rushing back into the nipple!

* they are also fantastic used as labia clamps… EXPLORE 😀