Dorcel Megawand Unisex Massager


The Megawand is an amazing body massager for anyone!

  • Can be used for pubic, perineal, cock and clitoral stimulation
  • Elegant, ultra smooth and sturdy, the powerful motor features 20 different vibration modes with 8 different speeds, all while being extremely quiet
  • The curvature of the handle means erganomic handling and the flexible domed head allows for easy manouvering
  • USB Rechargeable ~ No batteries required at all! Simply plug into your laptop or power supply.


Brand: Marc Dorcel
Material: Medical Grade Silicone
Total Length: 30cm
Width of shaft: 6cm

This is a very powerful tool, she is capable of pleasuring many regions of the body, not purely the genitals! Try tuning into the pleasure of the vibration on your shoulders and gluteals, for example.

Sensational clitoral vibrator for women, and a seriously fun toy for men, this tool offers a very comfortable reach, with no messy leads to the power pack.

Megawand is not only for women! Her vibration range suits men perfectly for cock, ball & perineal stimulation. Massaging the perinium is essential for men’s health and erectile function.

Dorcel Megawand Unisex Massager