Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope 10m


Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope 10m:  So many uses for a bit of rope in the bedroom!  I like to have it handy to use as a bridle in the mouth during doggy style, or crafted into a breast harness or transformed into a cock and ball restraint…

This rope is soft and nice on the skin and good for beginners. 10m is only just enough to do a torso harness, consider a longer length for any other work.


You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the pleasure of Japanese-style bondage

  • This is super-soft Japanese Silk Rope – ideal for those who simply want to tie their partner’s hands or feet through to those creating body restraints
  • Long enough and durable enough if you want to play a bit harder
  • Perfect for creating elaborate body harnesses & rope restraints
  • Colour:  Red
  • 1/4″ thick, 10m long



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