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Garter Leather Harness


Beautiful soft leather (we recommend waterproofing spray prior to use)

Durable design with flexible rubber ring

Most suitable for dildos ranging ……  in diameter.

Long straps to allow for different uses, with well-functioning plastic locking bits.

Designed & manufactured in New Zealand by D.VICE, an ethical women-owned company.

The Garter Leather Harness is an ingenious invention that straps a dildo to your thigh… or your chair or other things.

It allows for thrusting to come from the large thigh muscles and permits dual penetration when both partners are wearing one on the alternative leg. This is alot of fun coordinating and is very rewarding, particularly for two women making love.

If solo, you can experiment with strapping it around a chair so you can sit on it gracefully… or around a bed head…