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Nexus G Play Unisex Anal Toy


 The G Play is a great starter point for men beginning to explore anal play. It is shaped to hit the sweet spot ~ the prostate gland ~ and is slimline and easy to insert.

It helps you connect to the anal muscles and relax them.

Rechargeable so you don't need to buy any batteries, ever. The best toy to start out in anal play.

The Nexus range of men’s toys is designed in the UK by a company that have certainly done their research and product testing properly!  The feedback from men is ALWAYS 5 stars.

The G Play is the best starter point for anal play for anyone! Sweet & cute and with just the right sexy curves to be unisex, it is specifically designed to give a gentle prostate massage to men. Lubricate it and slide it in as you give a headjob!

Vibration is enjoyable for some people – if you want to increase the stimulation, push the button and the vibration will wake up your anal nerve endings in a yummy way. Rechargeable by USB.

Always use with a good quality water based lubricant like Nexus Slide.