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Nexus REVO Prostate Massager


This is a toy designed for guys who have had some experience with anal play; it has a lovely head that rotates and a curvaceous shape with silky smooth silicone…fitting the body perfectly to stimulate the prostate seriously… delivering amazing G spot orgasms.

REVO can be used to enhance solo play or to help indulge in some wicked fantasies during love making with your partner.

Rechargeable, no batteries required.

The Nexus range of men’s toys is designed in the UK by a company that have certainly done their research and product testing properly!  The feedback from men is ALWAYS 5 stars. This new REVO product really gives a cranking ride, like a mini motorbike 🙂

Men, are you ready for an absolutely mind blowing sensational orgasmic experience? Revo is a rolling vibrating buttplug – it stays in place during sexual activity and hums and stimulates inside to drive your orgasm from deeper within.

This is designed for guys who have had some experience with anal play. She has a lovely head that gently rotates inside the body and a sexy curvaceous shape which means it fits perfectly to massage the prostate seriously, delivering mindblowing G spot stimulation.

Other prostate massage toy brands may look like they’ll do the job, but the Nexus Range has consistently had the best feedback and the best orgasmic results… in The Pleasure Consultant’s personal experience 😉