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Nookii Game for Couples

The Pleasure Consultant » Nookii Game for Couples

Nookii Game for Couples


Explore a new world of your lover

  • Nookii is not your average adult couples game, it is a hot and stimulating map of foreplay
  • You don’t move tokens on a board, you move AROUND the board
  • Nookii creates nookii while offering brand new possibilities of sensual..and sexual…interactions
  • The basic idea of the game is for you to fully explore, dare and enjoy the object of your desire
  • Throw the dice, set the timer, follow the cheeky instructions on the cards..and do it with your personal flare!
  • Each of the card sets have varying levels of sexiness, starting with “ooh”, “aah” and then “mmm” cards – ranging from naughty to kinky to OMG hot!!
  • Turn off the phones, open a bottle of something lovely, put on smooth music, hang the door sign and stay in tonight All night…

Contents: 90 Nookii Cards, Dice, Timer, Blindfold scarf, Door Sign, Playing Guide


Nookii Game for Couples


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