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Pjur NATURAL Water-based Glide 100ml

The Pleasure Consultant » Pjur NATURAL Water-based Glide 100ml

Pjur NATURAL Water-based Glide 100ml


A premium water-based lubricant that doesn’t dry up sticky and tacky like generic lubes do.


Pjur NATURAL Water-based Glide 100ml:  Finding a lubricant for sex that I like and that doesn’t dry all sticky and tacky has changed my life! I’m serious. No, using lube is not an indicator that I’m not turned on or that “I have a problem”, it simply allows me to have more enjoyable sex – harder and longer with comfort!

Lubricant is essential when playing with vibrators and dildos and cocks and ESPECIALLY when getting into any anal play.

Water based lubricant is always the best choice when combining sex with toys, as it is suitable for use with silicone products, condoms and everything.

If you can avoid it, never buy KY Jelly, Wet Stuff, flavoured or coloured lube or other generic gel-type lubes that you can find at a supermarket/chemist. They often contain weird numbers, chemicals, sugars & glycerine, which are not healthy for the PH of our vaginas. Some low grade lubes can bring on mild thrush for women who are sensitive to changes to their internal environment.  And they taste odd and end up sticky.

So make sure you always use good quality lotions.  I just LOVE pjur products and recommend the whole range to everyone! I have selected my favourite for you. German quality, natural, long lasting, tasteless, odourless, no side effects… just slippery 😉

NEVER try backdoor play without loads of lubricant!!! Check out our pjur silicone based, the best for anal sex because it offers slick gliding lubrication for longer.  This water based will work fine for anal play as well, you just may reapply more often.


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