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Pjur ORIGINAL Silicone Glide 30ml

The Pleasure Consultant » Pjur ORIGINAL Silicone Glide 30ml

Pjur ORIGINAL Silicone Glide 30ml


Pleasure Advice:

Pjur ORIGINAL Silicone Glide 30ml:  A little more expensive than water-based lubes but worth every cent!  I particularly recommend this pjur for anal play, especially intercourse – if you are not using silicone buttplugs/toys – as you don’t have to stop to reapply as much in the heat of the moment.

Boys just LOVE it for masturbation too, and handjobs…a small amount goes a very looong way.

No massage oil at hand? Use this premium body glide for giving a sensual massage, it works beautifully! Excite your lover and then continue on from there..

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A premium lubricant for ultra glide…

  • pjur Original Silicone Glide was the first and still is the bestselling personal silicone lubricant on the market
  • It provides a pleasurable, long lasting, gliding feeling – while leaving your skin soft and silky smooth
  • pjur is a premium brand offering super smooth lubrication without ever becoming sticky or tacky
  • No taste, no smell (but it may stain the sheets slightly if you spill it on the bed)
  • This is a lubricant that stays slippery for much longer than you’d expect, making it perfect for those all-night hot romping sessions without constant reapplication
  • Very economical because you only have to use a few drops
  • Suitable for use with sensitive skin, condoms & plastic, glass or wooden toys
  • Manufacturer’s Info: Vegan no animal testing/animal products
  • Dermatologically tested = OK for sensitive skin
  • Glycerin-free – Hypoallergenic – Non toxic – Made in Germany

If you’ve ever asked the question why do lubes get sticky, dry up quickly and smell weird? – then pjur Original is your solution.


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