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Purr Clitoral Arousal Gel

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Purr Clitoral Arousal Gel


Pleasure Advice:  

HIGHLY recommended by your Pleasure Consultant
Purr Clitoral Arousal Gel: Wow who would think just a bead of clear gel could do so much for my pleasure and orgasm strength! Worked wonders first time for me (for some women it takes a few uses).
This product works well to speed up the blood flow that causes clitoral arousal, so sometimes it’s called “foreplay in a bottle”.  It’s excellent for times of lowered libido or just for extra fun. Combine this with good sex technique, then you’re really onto a winner!
Purr  Gel differs from other clitoral arousal creams due to being non menthol and natural ingredients. Other menthol-based gels are often burning and really distracting and your lover will not want to lick a menthol clitoris. But Purr is tasteless, odourless & you don’t notice it there, it just does its job.
When I use Purr Gel, I find:
  • significantly easier to achieve orgasm
  • my orgasm is stronger and lasts longer – everything pulses!! I love it.
  • I rub a little on when I’m feeling a bit flat but want to enjoy intimacy
  • I get excited about having another orgasm


PURR…purrrr like a pussycat

  • Purr Clitoral Arousal Gel is proven to promote clitoral responsiveness
  • Results in longer, more intense and powerful orgasms for most women
  • This natural vasodilater encourages blood flow to the clitoris by helping dilate the genital blood vessels
  • Many women find it easier to orgasm with Purr Gel, great if you need a little nudge to get over the edge
  • Fantastic for those times of lowered libido, as it speeds up the woman’s physical arousal process, but some women pop it on just for the extra sensations!
  • Contains NO menthol = all natural ingredients, tastless and no hot/cold weird feeling
  • For many women you tend to get stronger results after 6-8 uses
  • Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t seem to work first time, it gets better with more use
  • Both men & women can also rub it on nipples & around the anus to relax it

HOW TO: Apply a small bead of gel to the underside of the clitoris and massage gently  5 – 10 mins before getting sexy THEN… ENJOY! * Approx 20-30 applications per 10ml tube


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