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Beginners Smartballs & Lube Bundle

The Pleasure Consultant » Beginners Smartballs & Lube Bundle

Beginners Smartballs & Lube Bundle


Get your Smartballs Uno

and start toning your pelvic floor muscles immediately!

No concentration required.

How they work: the weighted metal ball inside the Smartballs moves and stimulates your muscles to contract, in a natural way, as you move around during the day.

  • Always use a good quality lubricant when using your Smartballs, included with your purchase
  • You can insert lying down if you prefer, or squatting in a relaxed position
  • Wear for a few hours a day, gradually extending the length of time you wear them each time
  • Gradually you can work up to a whole day, then you know you are getting stronger!
  • Strengthening your sexual core allows for greater sensation and more intense orgasms

The biggest benefit of toned pelvic floor muscles is stronger orgasms!! If this isn’t enough of an incentive then other benefits are:

* easier recovery from childbirth

* avoiding incontinence or bladder prolapses later in life

* increasing succulence in your life energy

* ability to slow down during sex & just practice your dexterity

The Nexus waterbased lubricant 150ml pump is great for all types of sex too, and will last for ages…

Lubricant is an essential bedside item at all times 😉



Beginners Smartballs & Lube Bundle


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