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Smartballs Uno Pelvic Floor Toning

The Pleasure Consultant » Smartballs Uno Pelvic Floor Toning

Smartballs Uno Pelvic Floor Toning


Smartballs Uno provide women a targeted workout of the pelvic floor in a playful way.


Smartballs Uno Pelvic Floor Toning:  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – every woman needs to use this Pleasure Tool for their health!

The biggest benefit of toned pelvic floor muscles are stronger orgasms and more sexual pleasure!!  If this isn’t enough of an incentive then other benefits are:

* easier recovery from childbirth

* avoiding incontinence or prolapses later in life

* restoring the strength of the whole lower abdomen

* ability to give that extra little squeeze around your partner’s dildo or penis when you want

Work up to wearing your Smartballs Uno all day for a period of 8 weeks – this may take you quite a few months to get to point where you can manage all day – then get feedback from your partner during sex by squeezing and asking for feedback on what they feel! Do they feel a stronger squeeze now?


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