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Stretch Cockring Basic

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Stretch Cockring Basic


Pleasure Advice:

Stretch Cockring Basic: My lucky testing boy loves this ring popped around his balls during sex because it increases their sensation as they contact my body.

This ring is made of a fairly thick durable material so sometimes the stretch factor is not enough to use the ring around the base of the cock and balls…in this case we use the Lovering Flame as it is more stretchy.


Dress up your penis with one of these cheeky cockrings!

  • Slip on this stretchy ring for instant pressure around the base or head of the penis
  • Or fit around the scrotum for that pumped up look and for greater ball sensation
  • Cockrings can give climax control and help to slow down ejaculation
  • Toys just for boys: enhanced sensation during sex or masturbation
  • Basic Stretch Rings come in a variety of shapes/colours (subject to availability); purchased singly
  • The shape makes no difference to the function & is not intended to stimulate the partner
  • If you are looking for an affordable vibrating ring to use during lovemaking to stimulate her as well, we recommend Naughty Bunny as a starting point


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