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Suede Sensual Whip 70cm

The Pleasure Consultant » Suede Sensual Whip 70cm

Suede Sensual Whip 70cm


A gorgeous sensual whip for gentle play

  • The perfect introduction Pleasure Tool to sensation play
  • A multitude of French suede tails provide a light sensual caress OR a strong application of leather licks
  • Experiment on warming up the thighs, the buttocks and the upper back (not the lower back)
  • Features a smooth Australian native timber handle 20cm long
  • Suede tails are 47.5cm long so total item length = 70cm
  • Combines perfectly with the Suede & Fur-lined Blindfold for naughty play time
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by Sax Leather


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Suede Sensual Whip 70cm:  This is the best whip to start with when exploring sensation play! The sound factor is so arousing! It can warm up the back or the butt, tickle the balls or the pussy…and offer a more intense experience when handled correctly.

Try a light pussy whipping: firstly blindfold your lover girl with a soft gorgeous suede blindfold, then ask her to spread her legs lying on the bed and accept the blow of the sensual whip directly on her vulva, the giver judging the heaviness and frequency that she likes by observation and a “safe word” hand signal from her. Keep a steady rhythm with an intensity that is nicely bearable, but not painful. She can touch herself at the same time and that’s usually quite successful…

The suede tails offer a heavy sensation and a tantalizing and exciting caress, activating the nerves and sending blood to the surface of the skin, so that all caresses after that feel so much more amazing. The skin warms and sensitizes slowly and deliciously…




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