Sweet Life2 for Couples Erotica


Explore couples fantasies, go on the ride with them..

A collection of short stories of couple’s fantasies enacted & well-written for your mental pleasure. You can read alone to get you going or with your partner to excite you both.

Sweet Life2 Erotic Fantasies for Couples is all about having fun, exploring, daring to step outside of the regular sex routine and enjoying deeper sensuality together.

It’s good to read about other people’s fantasies in order to activate your own and initiate discussion with your lover.¬†A lovely book with a very discreet cover for the adventurous coffee table ūüėČ

I love these stories just to waste time! ¬†If you don’t have time spare, they are even better to get your erotic desire going quicker! Open randomly, read a story, get your imagination going and stimulate your desire to explore your fantasies with your partner.

Try blindfolding your lover and then reading a story to them. This¬†blindfold¬†starts many games of sensory deprivation, full of suspense and it enhances your audio and sensual sensations…

An excerpt of one naughty story to give you a taste:

With a firm gesture, he locked a leash onto my collar, then tugged me upright.¬†“Obedience school begins now” he said. My lips parted, but he shook his head. ¬†“You’ll be punished,” he assured me, “for each infraction. Behave yourself, little doggy, if you know what’s good for you.”

I followed after him on hands and knees as he led me from our bedroom down the hall until we reached the French doors leading to our plush backyard. ¬†“You use the dirt out here, when you need to go,” he said, showing me my spot, “and when you’re finished, you wait for me here.” ¬†He pointed to a rattan matt he’d set out on the wood porch.

His eyes were on me, staring hard, and I realized suddenly that he was actually waiting for me to pee in the backyard. Most bizarre situation ever. I wouldn’t do it. ¬†But he was waiting, and I had to go. I had to . ¬†What kept me from standing up and walking down the hall like a grown-up woman to our bathroom? I don’t know. The look in his eyes? Maybe. The fact that I’d confessed to him this very fantasy the night before? Probably……………

pg 164-165




Sweet Life2 for Couples Erotica