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Duo Balls Pelvic Floor Toning

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Duo Balls Pelvic Floor Toning Pleasure Tool:  Are you fit where it really counts? 

I have used kegel exercisers for over 8 years now and recommend them to every single woman – young and old.  Simply wear in the vagina on a regular basis for 1 – 6hrs per day to help strengthen the whole pelvic floor trampoline.  Stronger muscles mean increased continence, easier to achieve climax & stronger orgasms, easier recovery from childbirth and more pleasure during sex.

The duo balls are the step up from the Smartballs Uno, when you’re ready to up your pelvic floor workout a notch or two!  They give you a fantastic internal workout in such an playful lazy way… the hardest thing is remembering to use them!


Use a good quality chemical-free water based lubricant liberally for insertion

Put them somewhere in the bathroom where you see them every day 😉  Make a schedule…”Monday, Wednesdays & Sundays are my secret ball days”

Try about 2 hrs per day, 3 times a week as a starter, and they will work to improve your pelvic floor health, increase bladder continence strength and increase your sexual and orgasmic pleasure

Wearing all day is safe so long as they are comfortable and you hardly feel them in place. This is a powerful workout and you WILL definitely notice the results once you reach this point.


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Are you fit where it really counts? 

Kegel balls are an essential health product for all women

  • Duo Balls are designed to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, in a lazy playful way
  • For all women, of all ages –  we all need to keep our muscles toned. In fact, the younger we start, the better our orgasms will be at 45!
  • Stronger muscle tone leads to stronger orgasms, improved squeeze on your partner and increased bladder control
  • Do you want to have stronger orgasms?
  • Do you wet your pants when you sneeze? Can you no longer jump on a trampoline? Then we recommend you purchase and routinely start using Duo Balls today
  • Do you want to prevent incontinence later in life?
  • Simply lubricate and insert both balls into the vagina, leaving the silicone tail hanging out, pull on your panties and go about your day as normal!
  • Worn in the vagina, the weighted balls inside wobble to stimulate your muscles to contract naturally
  • Some women find them quite pleasant to wear, some don’t feel them at all, but either way they work to tone your muscles
  • Medical grade silicone, non-allergenic, ultra hygenic, easy to clean with hot water & mild soap
  • Toned pelvic floor muscles mean stronger orgasms, easier recovery from childbirth, and an improved squeeze on your partner’s fingers, dildo or penis
  • These Duo Balls are the step up from the SmartBalls Uno and are suited to any woman and to those women who have a good awareness of their PC muscles
  • If you want to start on a lighter system or a slightly smaller ball, go for Uno first
  • Wear your balls around the house for 1 or 2 hrs to start with, when comfortable you can wear to the gym, for a walk or at work…
  • Wear regularly for best results, like every 2nd day, for as long a period as you can with comfort
  • If they become uncomfortable at any time during the day, simply remove and wash with hot water and mild antibacterial soap
  • We recommend using a high quality waterbased hypoallergenic lubricant such as pjur natural