What Others Say

“The Pleasure Consultant was refreshing for our women who rarely have the opportunity to discuss their sexual wellbeing. She is confident and not shy to discuss sexuality, and this allowed women to freely share amongst themselves and have open and honest conversations. The presentation opened women to a world of undiscovered opportunity.”

Channel Country Ladies Day Organizer

“I went to a ladies weekend in Noccundra not expecting to find The Pleasure Consultant giving talks! At first I was a bit surprised but I found the presenter’s practical approach and discussion of some delicate subjects incredibly refreshing and I learnt heaps…stuff I hoped I would have known already at 45!! I feel I now have a deeper understanding of my body and how it works and I gained a bit of courage to explore my individual erotic expression with my husband.”

Maree, Durham Downs

“I approached Pleasure Consultant because I wanted to buy top quality products discreetly. They helped me by offering excellent advice during our personal consultation meeting. One thing I liked was their complete knowledge of all their products and uses, which you will not find in your normal sex shop.

I found the experience very calm and satisfying. I would recommend the private consultation avenue to those who need a little guidance in enhancing their sex life.”


“I recently engaged Ana to advise on the sex toys for men which would work best for me. I experienced her to have a relaxed and safe manner as well as a practical approach which made it easy for me to be fully open about my needs and desires on such a sensitive subject. I found her very well informed and up to date and she has a great range of products that she has chosen herself after much research. I recommend Ana wholeheartedly if you want to take your sex life to a new level.”



“The Pleasure Consultant’s Sex Toy Party “hit the spot(s)”! Ana presented very professionally. Her fun and pleasure-positive attitude set a light, easy mood with everyone. An entertaining and informative evening.”




“Ana’s passionate and direct approach to sex education is much needed in a world awash with cheapened sexual fancy. She teaches the respect, fun and pleasure garnished from a healthy adventurous attitude toward our sensuality.”

Katrina Smith