Pleasure Principles

Explore . Dare . Enjoy .

Our Principles...

To support a shift in attitudes and beliefs surrounding sexuality, encouraging somatic awareness and responsibility for pleasure and boundaries.

To encourage deeper connections as a form of healing, reigniting creative life force.

To provide personal, instructive, experiential & somatic sensual/sexual counselling.

To engender a focus on connection, pleasure and fun through erotic play.

To encourage fantasy & roleplay to help people expand their unique erotic world.

To teach the importance of consent and communication in a sexual relationship. 

To offer a combined approach for spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual awareness and blossoming.

Our Process...

To cultivate the self-awareness necessary to recognise and acknowledge your blockages, fears, shame, resistances, fantasies and comfort zones.

To bring acceptance and love to these aspects of yourself and your erotic nature, creating personal intimacy and increasing confidence. 

To take responsibility and develop self-authority for your journey towards pleasure, and ownership of your desires and boundaries.

To develop and integrate tools and techniques that help you to expand your erotic awareness in order to express your natural erotic self.

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