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The Pleasure ConsultantThe Pleasure Consultant offers individuals and couples the opportunity to explore their relationship to their sexuality and develop new pathways to greater sexual health and vitality. She is a freedom activist promoting positive accurate sex education, and is passionate about creating more awareness around how to return to our erotic innocence. If you are curious about Pleasure Tools, toys and erotica, we are Byron Bay’s best quality resource!
We host parties & educational events, salons and workshops. We hold space in Private Consultations to help you explore, dare and enjoy more playfulness. Our commitment is sourcing intimate products that are high quality, body-safe and offer maximum convenience.The Pleasure Consultant has a strict selection criteria for her Pleasure Tool range: not only must they look good on your bedside table, they must be guaranteed and safe to use: hypo-allergenic, medical-grade, phthalate-free and natural body lotions.


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