Private Consultations

Do you long to explore and enjoy your sensual life?

Do you want to improve communication & erotic connection within your relationship?

Celebrate your natural desires, and experience  pleasure like never before. 


Each session is personalised to your needs, challenges, and stage of growth. Addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves is the pathway towards sexual freedom and enjoyment.

Counselling sessions for individuals and couples of any gender or sexual orientation will focus on intimacy practices, consent & touch education games. 

If you’re experiencing a sense of ‘stuckness’, feel disconnected from your sensuality, or need practical advice, these sessions will help to re-energise your relationship to yourself and/or your partner with fun, honesty & playfulness.

Couples and individuals who want to renew or expand their intimacy and increase their natural erotic connection with themselves or others, and learn how to communicate their needs.

The Consultant aims to: 

  • Assist couples and individuals in deeper connection, holistic healing, and reigniting creative life force.
  • Provide personal, instructive and experiential sensual & sexual counseling.
  • Engender a focus on connection, pleasure and fun, giving towards to ourselves, life and others – through erotic play and somatic awareness.
  • Encourage fantasy & roleplay to help people expand their unique erotic world.
  • Learn about consent and communication in a sexual relationship. 
  • Offer a combined approach for spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual awareness and blossoming.

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