So many people feel dissatisfied and frustrated with their sex lives, due to a lack of confidence, inability to communicate, or disconnection from their bodies and desires. 

Life doesn’t have to be like this!

My mentoring sessions are tailored to your unique set of needs and experiences. We will work together to move past the blockages, resistances and fears that may be holding you back.

"I believe everyone deserves fulfilling erotic connection in their lives."

Feel like there’s more pleasure to be had in life, but don’t know how to access it?
Feel disconnected and unsatisfied, but not sure what to do?
Want to learn how to unleash your erotic potential and create fulfilling intimate relationships?

Pleasure Pathway:

You’ll learn how to…
  • Identify and acknowledge your limitations and boundaries.
  • Discover and accept your truest desires.
  • Communicate both boundaries and desires clearly and respectfully. 
  • Become intimate with your own body. 
  • Stoke your erotic fire and creative force.
  • Bring eroticism into everyday life.
Each session is personalised, practical, and experiential.
I work with individuals and couples of any gender or sexual orientation.
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