In-Home Parties Improve your Relations with your Lover

Men, do you realize that a woman who is confident about her body, her relationship and her sexuality, is much more fun in the bedroom? Fun, daring, imagination and exploration is much more exciting than flicking through 206 channels on the FOXTEL remote!

Pleasure Panther Sex Toy Parties are not just about toys, they are opportunities to learn and take home valuable pleasure advice.  In-home parties for women and couples not only help to improve relations with your partner, they also help empower women and men to explore, dare a little and enjoy more.

Be happy to explore and encourage her to spend on the credit card when she goes to that sex toy party!

You’ll be rewarded when she gets home. At our Parties, guests buy and take home their toys on the night of the party, so she will surprise you that same night.  Be home alert and waiting… 😉

There’s no need to be scared she’ll come home from the sex toy party with some ugly oversized penis-looking bright pink dildo that smells weird. The Pleasure Consultant doesn’t sell anything like that, only tasteful high quality sexy and attractive toys.  It will likely be a vibrating cockring that she will be gagging to slide over your hard cock and hop on top to ride like an excited cowgirl to get that clitoral simulation whilst enjoying you… or a full powered gorgeous Swedish vibrator that makes her moan in ecstasy and gives her multiple orgasms… making your job easier! Or a beginners anal toy to start you on your journey of delicious G Spot simulation…

Welcome toys into your sex play, be open to new experiences, dare to go where you are unsure.  Be adventurous and you will end up happier, I bet you. If it gets her going and makes her juice easier, what a great time you can have together and how much better communication you will have afterward.  Toys encourage couples to communicate and talk more about what they like and desire.

Empowering women begins with education and this is at the heart of sex toy parties in the Gold Coast and Byron Bay, conducted by The Pleasure Consultant Ana Snyman. Education and open discussion also helps us discard some of those suffocating constraints and taboos that society has placed on us over the centuries.

  • Want to explore the erotic possibilities with your husband, partner or lover/s?
  • Want to shop for a hot toy to keep you pleased in bed alone at night?
  • Want to have a girls night in and have a fun bonding experience with your friends?

Pleasure Panther Sex Toy Parties offer plenty of giggles, the chance to play with and purchase high quality toys and erotic accessories and the impetus to spice things up in the bedroom. They definitely help stimulate your sex life.


Feedback from party guests:

“I didn’t really get excited about this party when my girlfriend invited me, but in the end I’m so glad I went! I didn’t expect the consultant to be so cool. I ended up buying $300 worth of stuff…and I love all of it. So does my man.”  

Jacinta, Tweed Heads

“Ana’s Pleasure Sex Toy Party  ‘hit the spot(s)’!  Ana presented very professionally.  Her fun  and pleasure-positive attitude set a light, easy mood with everyone.  An entertaining and informative evening.”

M.P, Business Owner, Byron Bay

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