Misconception 1: “Toys – I don’t need them”

Misconception 1:  “Toys – I don’t need them”      

Misconceptions are generally fed by ignorance…What are Toys?

Pleasure Tools = Sex Toys = Toys

Toys encompasses the huge world of varied pleasures possible with tools, toys,  couples games, costumes and accessories. Then there is the roleplay and dressing up…and undressing and playing with the toys!

The bedroom is a playground for harmless naughty stories and sensual scenes, for experimentation of limits or for simply allowing a touch of lace, glitter, garter and stockings and a little strip dance!  Ask your loved one what couple roleplay (i.e. each taking a defined role that has a certain character) they have always wished to try and make it happen with daring to have fun and communicate openly!

Stimulate your imagination; venture beyond the boundaries of what is ‘correct and proper’.  Play the slut you haven’t allowed yourself to play until now…

Toys can help facilitate all of the above.   I’ve heard so many women and couples say, “Toys?  We don’t need them…” as if they are only a solution to a problem.  We don’t use toys because we need them to orgasm or to have good penetration. Those joys already exist and we enhance and add to by combining selected Pleasure Tools.

Men and women can enjoy playing with toys, alone or with a partner ~ some pleasure tools are designed specifically for men’s pleasure, some for couple’s intimate pleasure, a large majority for women.

But I am dedicated to busting two urban myths (these exist in the country regions as well of course):

1.  Women use toys are desperate for sex/can’t get sex or can’t orgasm normally

Say that to me and you will soon see how women use toys because they want stronger orgasm and want to explore a broader variety of stimulations.

2.  It’s all for women and nothing’s out there for us men!

You will soon see how many products and sex activities are designed just for men’s pleasure…and this discovery may scare you a little, or may excite you to curiosity or may entice you to be more adventurous and playful. 😉

For women, there is a lot more on offer than simply vibrators.  Yes there are beautifully designed vibrating Pleasure Tools on the market now they have finally incorporated the conveniance of mobile phone technology, using high quality materials, with luscious feminine shapes.  But if vibration doesn’t interest you or doesn’t push your little button, there are a range of dildos (non-vibrating penetration toys), anal toys, erotic story books, libido enhancers, daring games ect…

Imagine women… how enjoyable it could be to have a slender silicone butt plug snugly sitting in place in your bum while your man slowly enters your vagina and rocks inside you…the experience of dual penetration in a mild fashion.  But oh it turns you on to imagine being penetrated by two hard strong men at once…you tell your partner this as he breathes in your ear…oh the illustrated spoken fantasy makes you both cum hard as you rub a small deep throbbing vibrator over your clit.

This simulation of a raunchy fantasy with the toys is way easier to achieve than the reality! So all is good.

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