The 5 Urban Myths Surrounding Sensuality

Sex is natural and just happens on its own

Sex is not natural, it is learnt. The instinct may be natural, yes, but we need to learn how to be present – to have both effective communication and powerful presence – to have amazing sex.

Slut is a derogatory term for women

disagree and I reclaim it as a positive term now. Slut means I am autonomous and able to enjoy pleasure in many forms. It has nothing to do with how many partners one has, one can be a monogamous slut, of any gender.

What is the new definition of a slut?

A person of any gender who dares to live by the radical proposition that sex is nice and pleasure is good for us.

Dossie Easton

I have to look like the magazine models to be sexy

No, you have to love your beautiful body and dispose of shame and blame so you can be natural and confidant in your erotic expression. That is what is sexy…Body Awareness and Confidence.

I have to be “in a relationship” to have sex

Yes, and that relationship can be what you create, and this is navigated by learning to make clear agreements around the rules of engagement.

Relating Types possible: Monogamous, Open-bonded, Triad, Celibate (just playing with yourself)

My sexual fantasies make me a bad person

There are huge distinctions between fantasy and reality & implicit and explicit consent. These concepts must be learnt and applied, and then Roleplay and exploring fantasies can be a safe consensual space of both healing and excitement! Expressing your fantasies does not make you bad, it makes you hot.