My First Tigress Yoga Class

“Tigress Yoga helps women to come into a deeper embodiment of themselves, to drop into their more instinctual nature, to experience a felt sense of their essential nature and their inner guidance. There is a strong focus on inviting in a very loving, intimate and honoring relationship with one self which is very beautiful in itself and can also lead to attract this into the woman’s life from people around her.”

I heard about Tigress Yoga at a time just after I had researched a Taoist women’s cult and read a little about the White Tigress teachings and the Jade Dragon story. So horny! I read about cultivating female sexual energy, utilising healthy male sperm for vitality, harnesses the ovarian energy and spreading it around the body, and I have participated in a few workshops involving ovarian energy cycling and kidney rejuvenation techniques – they’re absolutely beautiful and so effective in nourishing the organs and the spirit.

The Tigresses seem to be somewhat sexually, ummm, assertive in seducing men to play with them and they receive the life-force energy from men’s sperm on their skin – on their face or their decollage – and they believe it increases their skin youthfulness and their sexual vitality. They then take this energy back to their Jade Dragon to make world-healing, mind-blowing love!

Of course nothing of this sort happened in my first Tigress Yoga class! It was 6 women, prepared for a gentle yoga session and there were no cocks in sight for miles. A beautiful cosy space where we could feel free to release, open up, relax and invite our nourishing ovarian energy to flow through our blood and energise our bodies and spirits.

The asanas were all gentle, lulling, regenerative and sensual and I fell into them with ease. Some I recognized from hatha yoga, some I didn’t, and I entered them all with a surrender of being, with a deepening melting of body tension and an internal churning. I felt like I was swimming in shallow warm water, the sun on my back, being guided into a space within myself that was so wet and liquid and yummy and nourishing.

I really appreciated the beautiful supportive space held by Claudine von Neiederhausern, from Mullumbimby, throught the 90mins session, her soothing voice led us into the internalized peaceful and renewing place that our hearts were longing to find…so it could rest in harmony within ourselves and within the circle with the other women.

At one stage, we are on our backs with our legs in the air, wide apart, exposing our yonis to the ceiling and stretching the inner thighs…OMGoddess this was such an interesting sensual experience, I had a flash of an image of the 6 linghams, hard and ready, standing around me, my yoni started pulsing as I breathed deep into my belly, my clitoris fluttered a few times as I squeezed my pelvic floor muscles to work them out on the out breath. I was so horny, I breathed the energy up into my heart and up through my crown. Oh how I would love to feel a gorgeous hard smooth cock sliding in right now… right, where am I? Oh in class, breathe….squeeze….release…breath 😉

I learnt how to move that yummy arousal energy into my deep core and then into my peripherals. It was fantastic! When we finished, I felt energised but not like after a huge run on the beach, but like after beautiful slow love making. I could feel a gold colour in my gut, like the embers of a fire being blown on gently….
Tigress Yoga
Claudine runs classes in Brunswick Heads @ Yoga by Nature.

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