Mutual Play in French…

Invocation a l'amour
Although vilified in the 19th century by the church and the doctors, fun mutual masturbation permitted the sharing of pleasure whilst avoiding the risks of undesired pregnancy. Oh the charms of mutual hand play!

This beautiful image from Invocation a l’amour 1825, un chant philosophique, like a song but written in a book, stimulates the imagination and awakens desires and fantasies.

Les Charmes de la Masturbation.

Dans la tube alonge de ton vie gros et ferme,

Dessous mes doigts en feu, je sens monter le sperme

En meme temps, ton main fait inonder mon con.

Cher ami, quel plaisir! ah! que le foutre est bon!…”


The Charms of Masturbation

In the rod of Life, fat and firm,

Under my fingers of fire, I feel the cum rising

At the same time, your hand makes my pussy flood.

My lover, what a pleasure! ah! that the cum could be so good!…


Check the naughty cover page of this Invocation a l’amour / An Invocation to Love:
Invocation a l'amour cover