Erotic Fiction ain’t just for Housewives

Now there’s a thought, housewives! Do they still exist? Of course they do, they’re the ones wiping the tahini off the counter, remembering to wash said cloth before re-use, sticking their fingers into the putrid depths of the plug to retrieve the new forms of life being created, amongst (former) spinach leaves and fetta cheese; sweeping up the crumbs, putting out the trash… Only NOW, they also run their own online business, and have possibly squeezed a human being out of their vajayjay. Oh, and they’re also men. Sometimes.

I digress. My point is that whilst the cliched notion of a sexually frustrated housewife who relieves the pressure of her burning passions with the odd Danielle Steele novel and an over-zealous washing machine spin cycle exists along with erotic fiction, that notion may not be relevant to most of YOU… i.e, the girls and boys reading a blog that covers topics from BDSM to butt plugs. 😉

However, the great thing about mental sexual stimulation is its power to turn on anybody who activates their imagination. Erotic Fiction can enhance your own inner world of fantasies – the world you go to when playing alone, or when sharing with a lover. That world that inspires passion and ignites fires and makes you want to cum! We always strive to find well-written erotica for you but sometimes it ends up being as gratuitous as pornography…at least erotic stories offers the chance to create you own visual sex scenes!

Are you bored with your sex?  Do you long to play roles and cut loose a little? Do you want intelligent mental stimulation? How about taking your mind on a journey into the world of impossibly sexy scenarios and see how your body reacts? Then you can copy the fantasies that you read that turn you on and make them reality for you… 🙂

Or, how about catching your partner off guard as they reach over to the laptop to find another episode of something-or-other during your 4 hour HBO pirating session? Start reading aloud and see how that spices the evening up!

You see, erotica doesn’t have to be all plausible, but it isn’t all silly smut either. The Pleasure Consultant, in her dedication to bringing you the best, has sourced some of the sexiest erotic fiction out there, for your reading pleasure.

Check out Sweet Life for Couples and Twice the Pleasure: two collections of expertly crafted, explicit stories to help you explore, dare and enjoy more:

Sweet Life 2 Erotic Fantasies for Couples is exactly what it promises!  Be inspired and taken on dirty loving adventures where couples explore their hidden & naughty desires together.

Twice the Pleasure is bisexual women’s erotica, exploring the world of women loving women and men simultaneously and being daring enough to break out.